Financial Engineering Laboratory
Technical University of Crete


The Financial Engineering Laboratory was formally founded in 1999. Its objective is to provide high-level educational support to under-graduate and graduate students of the School of Production Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete, as well as to conduct high-level scientific research on the field of financial engineering and management.

In particular, the educational and research activities of the laboratory are focused on:

1. The development of innovative methodological tools to address financial decision making problems.

2. The provision of specialized knowledge on topics related to financial analysis and investment planning.

3. The development of infrastructure required for conducting high-level research on financial risk management problems.

Within this framework, the research conducted in the Financial Engineering Laboratory involves the applications of multicriteria decision aid in financial management, the use of artificial intelligence techniques (expert systems, rough sets, neural networks, etc.) in financial risk assessment, as well as the design and development of multicriteria and knowledge-based decision support systems for financial decision making problems.

The Director of the Laboratory is Prof. Constantin Zopounidis